Our Family History

Great Grandfather, Joe Simonini  started the first Simonini restaurant in Chicago in the year 1908. It is from this heritage that the new Simonini Gourmet restaurant was conceived, inspired, and established in 2014. Many of the authentic Italian family dishes were created and served in Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century and are carefully prepared and served today. Our signature dish, Simonini Ravioli is an old world cherished family recipe that can be traced back to the original restarurant more than 100 years ago. All our dishes are classically prepared preserving the originality and authenticity of classic Italian Cuisine. Today these dishes are celebrated and enjoyed in a modern, chic atmosphere at Simonini Gourmet. Come join our family and dine with us. Fresh, Modern, Local. Welcome to the new Simonini Gourmet.